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My Story

Domas began his ballroom career at the age of 10 at DanceDuo. What he found was a strong passion for Latin dancing, and since then has worked tirelessly to achieve success in the world of ballroom dancing. He competed and placed highly in numerous ballroom competitions throughout the U.S., including Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Chicagoland. After graduating high school, Domas stepped into the professional dance scene, becoming a teacher and a partner to many of his students. Domas always strives to perfect his dancing and reach his ballroom goals. Domas is currently competing with his partner, Serena Pav, in professional categories.His defining trait, in his opinion, is his teaching skills. Working in the studio he strengthened and perfected his dance form. Domas strives to make sure his students are happy, satisfied, and eager to learn ballroom dance. With more then a dozen students striving for competitive goals under him, he takes full pride and responsibility to ensure their success in their dancing endeavors.


Domas Vaitkus

Whether you’re looking to learn new techniques or work on your existing skills, Domas Vaitkus will get you there. As an experienced and professional Choreographer, they’ve been an integral part of our team since the beginning.

Ballroom Dance

Latin & Standard

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